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902900 - AOYUE Int2900 digital lead free Soldering Station SMD Iron WQ-Serie

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  • 902900 - AOYUE Int2900 digitale  Lötstation SMD Lötkolben WQ-Serie (1)

AOYUE Int2900 digital lead free Soldering Station SMD Iron WQ-Serie

Quick Overview

• 70W Ceramik element
• Temperature control by button
• Indication by display
Currently unavailable.
We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.
This product leaves the range, as we want to make room for new products. We are happy to advise you if you need an alternative for this station. The spare parts will be available in future.

The Aoyue Int 2900 is the first lead-free soldering station with a solder iron tip- change-system.

This technology from Aoyue allows you to easily change the soldering tip or the heating element without using any tools. You only need the heat-resistant pad (30150J) that is included in delivery. With this pad you enfold the soldering tip and pull it out from the grab handle; this way you remove the heating element together with the soldering tip. The advantage is that you can always change the heating element everywhere you want without needing a second soldering iron. By means of an easy resistance measurement you can see within seconds if the "old" heating element is still functional or damaged.

The soldering station has a button for the setting of precise temperature values and at the same time the station indicates via LED if it is still heating up or if the temperature has already been reached.

Another advantage:
If your soldering tip is worn out, you can change it together with the heating element simultaneously.

What does LEAD-FREE mean for you as customer?

Since mid-2006 no lead content is allowed in the solder anymore, which means you are buying a soldering station that complies with the latest standards. It can be used for both leaded and lead-free soldering.
SKU 902900
Registrierungsnummer WEEE DE45283704
Anzahl Packstücke 1
Dimensions 155 x 110 x 90 mm
Weight in kg Soldering gun ~25-44g
Colour blue
Input voltage 230 Volt +/-10% / 50 Hz +/-2Hz
cable length to the holder ~ 1.2m
Temperature range Soldering gun: 200-480°C
Station Type Lötstation
Equipment Features Lötkolben bleifrei
Application Area bleifreies Löten
suitable Heating Elements Lötkolben: WQ-/LF-Serie
Product details ESD SAFE
Delivery content 91504
Lötkolbenablage (Aluminium)
Pad - hitzebständig
Soldering tip system WQ-LF Series
Soldering Iron Tips Bleistiftspitz / Conical Type
Station Details Eingangsspannung 230-250V 50Hz
Soldering Iron Details Betriebsspannung des Lötkolbens 24V / AC
Keramik Heizelement
Leistungsaufnahme 70W
Potential Erde / Lötspitze < 2 mV
Temperaturbereich 200-480°C
Widerstand Erde / Lötspitze < 2 Ohm
net Weight [kg] 2.7000
Package: Height in mm 120
Package: Length in mm 280
Package: Width in mm 240
Shipping Paket

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