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Payment Methode: Amazon Payments

With Amazon Payments, simply, safely and quickly pay for your purchases


How it works:
Amazon Payments allows you to use your payment information saved at to pay online for goods and services.
So you can shop safely with an Amazon Payments account, without showing your payment information.
Furthermore, you do not have additional costs if you order via Amazon Payments.

Orders through Amazon Payments are quite simple. If you already have a customer account by, an Amazon Payments account for you is automatically created.
This is activated when you already bought on an reseller site, which accepted the Amazon Payments method.
This account is linked to your customer account and you can immediately pay with the terms of payment which is stored by - either by direct debit or credit card.

Amazon Payments do not show your bank details to the reseller and you must not specify while placing an order.

Your advantages:

• Simple: just two clicks without entering a bank or credit card details.
• Safe: No banking or credit card information is given to third persons which provide a maximum safety
• Fast: Fast processing, because the release of the payment is done within a few minutes.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive der Mehrwertsteuer, zuzüglich der Versandkosten