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Payment Methode : PrePayment

How it works:
All information such as bank details, amount etc., that you need to pay your order, you will receive after you have done the order confirmation. You will see all information on your screen and we send you an order confirmation email, too.


Order by post, fax or phone, you will receive, depending on which data we receive from you to complete your order as soon as possible by email, mail or fax.
Please understand that we calculate the amount of a possible subsequent delivery already. Of course subsequent deliveries are always free of shipping fees.

Please note that we can reserve the goods up to 7 days for you and that a bank transfer can usually take 2-3 days. If we do not receive payment within this period, we will have to cancel the reservation.

Please enter only as reason for transfer the order and customer number.

Your advantages:

• Advantageous: The product will be reserved for 7 days for you.
• Convenient: you do NOT need to perform any further transactions.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive der Mehrwertsteuer, zuzüglich der Versandkosten