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Payment Methode : Sofort Banking

Terms of Payment: Sofort Banking

The Sofort Banking is an online payment system based on the proven online banking system with PIN-/TAN-system for maximum secure and fast processing of your online shopping.

How it works :

Sofort Banking is an innovative payment method with proven transaction security. The Sofort Banking functions like any other online money transfer at your bank. Make the payment process from an online purchase directly through your personal online banking account . Sofort Banking was developed by the SOFORT AG and is already used in many online stores. Using the secure, not accessible to the vendor a secure payment form from SOFORT AG to which you will be automatically redirected after completing your order in your WilTec online store. Sofort Banking automatically generates in real time a transfer in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly into the bank account of the vendor. To complete your purchase you have to enter your data. Please note that Sofort Banking can only be used for your online purchase.


Your advantages:
• Secure: The system accepts the same PIN and recognizes the valid TAN of your bank because you will be using the same information at your bank.
• Quick delivery right after clearance of payment by your bank.
• Convenient: Immediately after completing your order, you can make the transfer. A change to the website of your bank is no longer necessary.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive der Mehrwertsteuer, zuzüglich der Versandkosten